Our C-41 department provides professional quality dip-and-dunk color negative film processing conveniently located on site. Our attention to detail, experience, exacting quality control and responsive customer service put Print Space C-41 on par with the most expensive labs in the city. In addition to processing, we offer both digital and traditional proofing options: a "digital contact sheet" provides a preview-quality scan of the entire processed roll (or batch of sheet film), with an option to have a paper print as well at an additional charge. Darkroom contact sheets are made on Kodak Ultra Endura glossy paper directly from your negatives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we DO NOT make mini-lab scans or prints from processed film! Our service is limited to film processing and proofing only, so if you want a CD with your photos on it or 4x6 inch prints we regret we are unable to accommodate you.

Our turnaround time for processing is 24 hours, proofs require (up to) an additional 48 hours. Film processing does not take place on weekends; film dropped off on a Friday will be available on the following Monday.

35mm & 120: $5.50 / roll
220: $11.00 / roll
4x5: $3.50 / sheet
5x7: $8.00 / sheet
8x10: $11.00 / sheet

push / pull: $1.00
clip test: $4.00
cut&sleeve: $1.00
keep original ID: $2.00

digital contact sheet (cd only): $10.00
digital contact sheet (cd and paper print): $15.00
darkroom contact (per sheet): $14.00

Rush charge (same day): 100%
Rush charge (6 hrs): 200%
Rush charge (ASAP): 300%