scanner and workstation rentals

Our Imacon 949 & X5 scanners use Imacon's FlexTight technology which features flexible magnetic holders to allow your film (or other media) to be drawn into the scanner on a curve. This enables the Imacon to emulate the optics of a drum scanner, but without the glass, eliminating Newton ring problems while providing superb image and color quality. And while a typical drum scanner will take 30 to 45 minutes to scan a 100MB file from a 6x6 negative, the Imacon 949 can do the same job in just 30 seconds, the X5 in 20 seconds. And no gels!

Our Mac Pro workstations, loaded with Adobe Photoshop (and other) software, are equipped with powerful processors and provide plenty of storage for your files. Our entire digital department is equipped with calibrated Eizo CG211 monitors to ensure accurate image file viewing. We also offer an Epson Expression 10000XL flatbed scanner, available for rental for scanning film and reflective art up to 12 by 17 inches.

All rentals are in half-hour increments. Reservations are recommended, though not required (we have a 24-hour cancellation policy to ensure that we don't turn away potential customers from making use of our facilities and bringing us their business. If you cancel a reservation within 24 hours you are liable for the charges for the time you booked if we cannot sell it to someone else).

Imacon X5 (300MB/min): $60.00/hour (includes workstation usage)
Imacon 949 (200MB/min): $50.00/hour (includes workstation usage)
Epson flatbed scanner: $30.00/hour (includes workstation usage)
Mac Pro Workstation: $22.50/hour

Half day special: 4 hours of scanning for the price of 3!
Full day special: 8 hours of scanning for the price of 6!